Hey everyone!, Mark here. Just some updates to keep people posted on the ‘thrilling’ adventures of the band.  The gigs are starting to add up for the summer, which is always a good thing as we sure do love to play.  Outside of the band the boys have been busy with other pursuits.  Randy’s almost done doing up his new abode.  It looks great and even sports a small ‘music cave’ where he and I been busily crafting new songs, which translates to swilling beer and trying not to rip off our favourite artists!  Shawn has been keeping busy with the many other bands he plays with in Vancouver, none of whom he has realized are as raw and virile as us…right Shawn?  Sax honker Tom goody-gum-drops Gould has really been wading into the weeds of his new hobby, photography.  He’s always ready to show us pics of his latest subjects – good thing we all enjoy ogling burlesque babes!  Rob remains the stalwart of the band, and when he’s not wood-shedding on his bass he can be found helping Tom set up his for another of his ‘it’s all for the portfolio honey’ photo shoots.  On a personal note, I got to see my son play Buddy Guy’s guitar during his recent show here at the Orpheum.  It was a cool moment, mainly cause my son was starting to get a bit restless(he’s only 8) then Buddy came charging into the audience during his ‘take it to the people’ section of the show.  Picking my son out of the crowd Buddy then got him to strum some chords.  My son loved it and I realized that, sadly, I would never get closer to playing with Buddy Guy than at that moment.

The Mojo Stars/Press

“You guys have really got it going on!  Y’all could be the next big band to come out of Canada!”

Charlie Musselwhite


“…the vocals are impressively huge…good playing; strong guitar and the band is tight and energized.  There is a lot of potential here”

Bruce Iglauer – Alligator Records and Artist Management Inc.


“With a voice as clear as a Rocky Mountain stream and as strong as a gale force wind, Randy Clarke has no problem at all getting his message concerning the blues, across to his audience. With guitar extraordinaire Mark Rankin by his side, this team makes up one of the most mesmerizing blues aficionado’s, the Canadian West Coast Music Scene has seen in a while, and to prove that point they put out a non-stop Bluesfest of an album titled, The Mojo Stars “Devil’s Advocate”. With what looks like a vintage Electro-Voice Mic in hand, Randy has no problem at all belting out the tunes and if that wasn’t enough he also has a mean talent with the Harmonica, as well. “Devil’s Advocate” consists of 10 Tracks, all originals, which were all audience favorites before recording them and which quickly became my favorites after listening to the Album. “Devil’s Advocate” is a great introduction to anyone who loves the blues, sung straight up, without the clutter and a great intro to a mighty fine band

John Vermilyea – Blues Underground Network